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I wasn't finished yet but accidentally hit submit. It's not going to work out between tegaki and me.
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Brothers of the Far East

picture under cut )

Now I really have tons of school work...
must work on that ´^`

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Just a sketch but I thought the positions were cute.
Whenever someone sees me sketching like this they invariably think I'm drawing naked people.

Also very cute medley video for future reference.


Feb. 12th, 2010 01:26 am
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I really hate colouring...
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click for larger.

now that I finished it I realise it can be a bit of a sensitive subject. Comes with the fandom I guess!

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Some hetalia sketches. Messy, yes? Left→Right is America&Russia pointing guns at each other  (I don't like this one so I'm dropping it) and America shooting Japan. I don't know I have this thing for America kicking ass.
Going to wait to see if I still like the America Japan one in 1-2 days before working on it.

My mum got War and Peace... volume II in French.
I've gotten as far as page 13 and I can tell there's historians thinking stuff about people and Napoleon-related evenements but we are not historians. Basically I can't understand anything...
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I've taken my old dA account down because of some privacy issues.
This is a picture I had there, which I did exactly 1 year ago. I still sort of like it, despite its many mistakes - by the end of drawing a picture I always see tons of mistakes. I figure I need to take a long break after sketching and see if it still looks good after like a week before starting on it again, lol.

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Pffft I'll leave it at that. God never meant for me to 3D. My attempt at sculpting the ears was hilarious though. They looked like butterfly wings.
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A cringe-worthy experience to be sure. Meme taken from dA!
I'm usually against putting pictures behind cuts on my own journal but this one is kind of big.

picture under the cut )

My cat is eating that yogurt like mad. I keep telling him all that lactose is gonna make im sick he just keeps on licking the stuff.

Also, 2009 Summary of artstuffs

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