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Just a sketch but I thought the positions were cute.
Whenever someone sees me sketching like this they invariably think I'm drawing naked people.

Also very cute medley video for future reference.


Feb. 12th, 2010 01:26 am
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I really hate colouring...
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Some hetalia sketches. Messy, yes? Left→Right is America&Russia pointing guns at each other  (I don't like this one so I'm dropping it) and America shooting Japan. I don't know I have this thing for America kicking ass.
Going to wait to see if I still like the America Japan one in 1-2 days before working on it.

My mum got War and Peace... volume II in French.
I've gotten as far as page 13 and I can tell there's historians thinking stuff about people and Napoleon-related evenements but we are not historians. Basically I can't understand anything...
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Work in progress!

Today was the definition of a "lazy sunday"... I did nothing but sit on my fat ass reading and drawing. I didn't even get up to eat. but it was good rest. This week I'm doing stuff.
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I believe I have rediscovered a long lost love for Photoshop gradients...
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Gellert and Albus

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