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thetardis ([personal profile] thetardis) wrote2009-10-25 07:30 pm
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old sketches

I love my new tripod icon.
Here's some old sketchbook stuff from years ago idunno

Sweeney Todd.

i dont know what i was doing.

For Ceramics class.

Some cute girly boys.

My horrible teacher

Ugly girl from Velasquez painting, for class. and usagi

Emile Hirsch is cuute


Some drawings I did while traveling to make up for my absence. One of them was drawn in Frankfurt, the others in Japan. The little girl Kotoha was my host sister in Japan.

Asian Italias

And my handsome classmates during Arts class.

[personal profile] scemo 2009-10-25 08:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Your interpretation of Sweeney and Lovett is really quite unique (in a great way). I love their expressions!