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old drawings

So looking through my old computer, I found quite a lot of things I didn't remember, including over 3 gigs worth of very old, very embarrassing drawings.
I decided to post a few. I drew most of them between the ages of 12 and 14.
Image heavy.

Fairly OddParents was my first fandom ever.

Stargirl thats me! And this is Wanda

I slashed these two. I used Flash to do the lines, and Photoshop multiply layers to colour.

That Britney character arguing with soap.

omg chip skylark!

An OC :( I know
Aaand Invader Zim

Some fairly harmless Dib drawings. One of them he looks like Harry Potter. Did I use an actual real pen on the last one? Wow.

Yes I overdramatise these things

Drama drama drama


Also, I began using the pen tool for lines instead of Flash! What a glorious day.

War of the Worlds O:

What is he standing on honestly.

My first time doing drugs?
And original stuff vv

My NOVAE project, a rave wonderland of glow effects

NOVAE - APOLLO. Lens Flare!

An alternate drawing of Kiara for that poster.



so original

The bad guy, OBVIOUSLY.

Peter Pan?

Disturbing how that neck supports the head.

So deep and meaningful.

eww marysue alert

I doodled this to keep me busy while I was waiting for us to leave to go to the airport the day I went to Japan to stay there for 6 months.
Hmm that's it I guess

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Oh my god! They are so awesome! ^^ My favourite's Stu in the "thirteen" one -- I love his skirt.